ALLISON WOODS Living History & Reenactment

Honoring Our Ancestors

Event Rules & Regulations

This is a weekend event which will have public battles on BOTH SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.  Upon registration, you will be expected to be in attendence for BOTH  battles. unless otherwise cleared with the Overall Commanding Officer Hosting this event.

UNIT COMMANDERS - You are responsible for all unit members whether military or civilian.

In the event of a lack of Federal registration, units may be asked to galvanize.

SAFETY FIRST is our prime concern! Safety Officers will have the final decision on weapons failing to pass inspection. All weapons are to be insoected prior to battles and skirmishes. SAFETY INSPECTIONS ARE MANDATORY. Weapons are subject to inspection at any time with no prior notice. Canteens MUST be filled with water while on the battlefield.


  • In the event of a lack of Federal registration, units may be asked to galvanize.
  • NO PETS WILL BE ALLOWED for liability reasons (except registered cavalry horses).
  • Fire pits allowed in designated areas only.
  • Out of respect for your fellow reenactors, all quiet after midnight.
  • All participants are required to register upon arrival and must be registered and have a signed waiver on file in order to participate in any of the scheduled activities. If for some reason you do not register upon arrival, locate one of the event hosts to do so. Failure to properly register and/or sign an event waiver may result in your dismissal from the event.
  • All autos must have a pass visible in order to enter the reenactment site.
  • Vehicles unloading must be out of camp by 0800 Saturday. No exceptions. Vehicles may not reload in camp areas until the conclusion of the battle and pass review on Sunday. If special circumstances apply, please see one of the Event Coordinators and they will assist you.
  • Officers are expected to attend Officers Meetings, follow instructions, commands of the field commanders.
  • Commanders are responsible for getting information to their troops and are responsible for conduct of their troops.
  • Family and friends in camp are encouraged to dress the part and all modern equipment should be hidden from sight at all times.
  • All units are expected to bag all trash and deposit pre-arranged points daily and help police the area for trash.
  • Coggins paper for horses are to be current and will be inspected randomly.
  • Absolutely, no horses in civilian, infantry, artillery or sutler camp.


  • No weapons may be discharged at any time within boundaries of the camp. Weapons are subject to safety checks at any time.
  • No "penny wrappers", staples, wads or tape are to be used for cartridges. Pre-rolled rounds only. Ramrods may be carried, but not used. Bayonets MUST remained sheathed.
  • No direct, aimed fire will be tolerated. No hand to hand combat. No firing of weapons is to take place inside 25 yards  distance between opposing forces.
  • Minimum age to carry a weapon, service an artillery piece or ride with cavalry is 16. No one under 13 allowed on the field. Ages 13-15 must be functional musicians, Signal Corps, Stretcher-Bearer if going on the battlefield.
  • Period weapons only.
  • No unit may act independently on the field without prior approval of the overall commander for safety reasons.


  1. Public Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages, 2) Use of Illegal Drugs and/or Substances, 3) Public Display of Foul Language 4) Fighting …This is a FAMILY ORIENTED EVENT! Provost will be onsite during this event 24 hours a day. You are ultimately in control of your own actions and have the power to walk away from a situation, should one occur! However, should a situation arise, rather than taking matters into your own hands please seek out a member of the hosting units and/or the event Provost immediately! PLEASE KNOW…These situations will not be tolerated! Should any of these infractions occur, be advised that action taken. The result of any violation will be determined by the event hosts only. THAT DECISION WILL BE FINAL! Also remember - this property is privately owned and violations of these rules may result in future barring from the event by the property owners.

2) Any persons and/or units that enter the event that intentionally cause problems or conflicts will be asked to leave immediately. Should any persons and/or units that are known to have caused controversy or problems with the event in the past wish to attend, they will be placed on a probationary period pending resolution of the controversy involved and their attendance will be left to the discretion of the hosting units.

3) There will be absolutely no distribution of political material at this event. There cannot be distribution of organizational material without the prior consent and approval of event hosts. This is a family event and does not have room for any person, group or organization that would attempt to cause turmoil. So please in order for everyone to enjoy the event and for you to be able to remain at the event, please leave your political issues at home as well as your promotional materials._ 

If you have any special needs, circumstances, etc. please contact us.


Proceeds from this event go toward the restoration and preservation of the Historic Vance House Museum in Statesville, North Carolina. Please help us as we try to save this wonderful piece of history!